Valentine Mishaps

First of all, and maybe most importantly, Google Valentine’s Day and look at the images. I kind of want to fill this post with the amazing images that I’ve found. For instance like this one.

What exactly is this? Like I get it’s two people, about to kiss, and they kind of make the shape of a heart. But is it a broken heart? Unrequited love perhaps? Plus she’s making a strange face. But I digress from the main point of this post.

Today being Valentine’s Day and all got me thinking.

As a kid, I always wanted like an anonymous valentine in my box. Every year, I waited. I waited for some boy to put a note in my box confessing his love for me, but he couldn’t put his name because he was scared I wouldn’t feel the same. ¬†As an adult I realize that I had way too high of expectations. Some days I still expect my husband to read my mind. Sadly, this hasn’t happened yet. So I never got that in my box. Thankfully I always got valentines though. (because that would have sucked otherwise)

Moving onto to my college years and Valentines Mishaps. (sad chuckles inserted here) I went to a dance my freshman year of college. It was a huge group date, but let’s get some interesting facts out there. I was 19 at the time. The guy that asked me was 29. At that point in my life, 29 was ancient. Side note – my friend kissed this guy and I remember thinking “eww he’s so old.” Then again at that age, 10 years is a big difference. Anyways, we were just friends. There was no romance going on there. But at this dance I met a guy (not my husband, he came around 6 months later) and we hung out a lot that night. Needless to say, my date was pissed. But in my defense, he liked my roommate at the time. It made for an awkward Valentine’s Day. And I got no secret admirers or flowers or candy or kisses.

The year after this though, was the end of my Valentine dreams. Wow, that sounds super melodramatic.

I started working in a flower show. I ended working there for 7 years. I met my husband and married him while working there. I love flowers. I love making wedding bouquets. I’ve gotten to make several for friends and one of my sisters. Flowers make me happy. But not on Valentine’s Day. Why? Because I know how much those arrangements cost. I know the craziness of a flower shop around this day. We’d be pulling 14+ hours. I’d actually rather my husband buy me flowers that I can arrange myself. Or I’d rather get one of those edible arrangements. That sounds amazing right now. Someone call my husband and tell him.

I think I might have ruined Valentine’s Day for my husband. I met him before my first Valentines at the flower shop. But some years I’m good about making him a candy bar arrangement.

It looked a lot like this one. Doesn’t that look amazing. I should of eaten breakfast. I’m starving.

So what was the point of this rant? I think it’s to let you know that it’s okay if your Valentine’s Day is not some super romantic day. Don’t look at Instagram. I guarantee it’s going to be filled with all sorts of pictures of people (mainly women) gushing over what their significant other got them. Resist.

One thing I’m glad for though is my dad. My dad always got us a little something every Valentines. So I’ve made my husband continue this tradition. My daughter actually woke me up this morning like it was Christmas. I was groggy and totally confused. Then I proceeded to tell her I had 10 minutes left on my alarm.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Go read a good romance!


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