I Had to Take a Break

I’ve actually got a few writing projects going right now. All but one is in the 1st draft phase.  The one that’s done, I think I’m like on revision 11. Yes, I know how crazy that is! I started writing it about four years ago. I remember when I had the first 15,000 words written. I thought I was amazing. I thought that I would get the rest done, go through it once, and then some agent would pick it up and would sell it to the masses.


In the past four years I’ve belonged not only to a writing group, The American Night Writers, but also a small critique group. Through these groups I’ve learned so much. The more I learn, the more my book has changed. It’s a little hard at times because my newer works I love, but I am struggling with the one that’s completely written.  A lot of it is because I’ll look at a sentence and think “that works, but it could be better.”

So I stepped away from that project for over 6 months. I still kept writing though. I think that’s the most important part. I may have put down my first book, but I began working on something else.

Fast forward to now, I’m going through it again. I just had it beta read and not only am I going through her comments, I’m also going through those pesky ‘okay’ sentences.

Another important thing I’ve done is set a goal. I’m thinking about self-publishing my book by the end of the year. I’m going Indie! (maybe, I’m still undecided, woman’s prerogative and all) I’ll be writing another post later about why I chose to do this.

So if you take anything from this, take that it’s okay for a break. Put that book down and walk away. But don’t stop writing! Being creative means you already have multiple stories in your head. Let a different one come out to play.

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