French Fries

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in a writing exercise. The subject was French Fries; I know it sounds really strange. The idea is for you to write for a few minutes about anything you want dealing with French fries. You can write from any perspective; it’s basically anything your mind can imagine. Here is what I wrote:

Josh and Susie are screaming in the other room. The minutes on the stove are taking forever to change. Finally, I hear the sweet sound of the timer, beckoning me to run to the stove. Opening the door, a blast of heat like that of the sun hits my face. I would take that sensation over the bird screeching call of my 7 month old any day. I pull out the hot, metal cookie sheet and smile at the crinkle cut lovers that await me. I sprinkle salt over them and my trusty dog Moose salivates beside me. Susie stands at the gate with her hands clasped saying ‘please’ over and over again in her two year old voice. I don’t care though, because these crinkle cut fries are my savior, my sanity and soon to be our lunch.

Writing prompts like these can give you the chance to be as creative as you want. So, if you are writing and keep finding yourself in a desert with no creativity, try a writing exercise like this.

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