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IMG_5723I think the first time I knew I wanted to become a writer was when I was about 6 or 7. My parents had taken down our Dicken’s Village from Christmas, but left the table. I remember sitting on top of the table in the middle of the living room. I was drawing pictures of monsters and coming up with corresponding stories.

From there I kept coming up with stories. A child’s imagination is amazing. I came up with this whole story of a fairy that lived in a tree in my backyard. I even had a tree that looked like it had a door. I would sit on my tree swing and come up with this whole story of knocking on that door and meeting the fairy.

When I was about 11 my parents let me have a computer in my room. It was a dinosaur. But it let me write. I think I worried my mom a little at this age because I started writing a book about the mysterious murder of my neighbors. I promise I’m not a serial killer, I was just reading a lot of Goosebumps at this time and watching the show Are You Afraid of the Dark.

In high school, I wrote a ton of poetry. I struggled a lot with depression then and this was a major outlet for me. But then came the dark years.

I didn’t write for pleasure at all in college. I have 3 degrees from Arizona State University, all based in history. I spent years writing academically. Some of it I enjoyed. I even thought about getting my PhD in history. But a lot of it was work. It wasn’t until the birth of my second child, my son,  that things changed.

After my son was born, I started having crazy dreams and the stories started compounding in my head. So I joined the American Night Writers Society after my mother in law told me about it and started writing again.

And I haven’t stopped since.

P.S.- I also write book reviews for Lord of the Books

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